Friday, January 19, 2007

Published Comptroller List in Question???

The Daily Poltitics

This may explain why as I was googling news stories...some headlines had 18 candidates..while others had 19 candidates on this "official list" for comptroller.......andy

But wait, there's more ...
Okay, so maybe that list of 19 controller wanna-bes the Senate put out wasn't absolutely complete.
A Capitol source tells me it might leave out some contenders, including former New York City Council President and UNICEF chief Carol Bellamy.
A possible explanation for the confusion is that applicants could send their resumes to two places -- the Assembly Ways & Means Committee or the Senate Finance Committee -- and some may have submitted only to one house.
A Senate spokesman assures me the Assembly and Senate compared notes shortly after the noon deadline and the two lists match up -- suggesting Bellamy isn't in.
The Assembly won't give out its list, so we can't be sure. The stated reason? The applications won't be final until candidates complete and file financial disclosure forms with the Ethics Commission, the deadline for which is Monday at noon.
Another update: Peter Joseph, managing director of Palladium Equity Partners, has just withdrawn his application.

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