Monday, January 15, 2007

'R' U Ready Maureen????

You would think someone would check the spelling of campaign literature before having a million of them printed .....the above picture like her tv ad is horrendous ....come on Smile already........can you spot the missing 'r'???? andy

Elizabeth Benjamin(Capitol Confidential) has this to say.....".Calling All Proofreaders (And Grammarians) One of the problems with a special election is how accelerated everything is. With the pressing need to get things out the door and into the mail, it’s easy to overlook things like, say, a missing “r.”
UPDATE: A reader notes one could also argue that using “they” when referring to Albany (writ large) is not grammatically correct." meanwhile Newsday's SpinCycle added their 2 cents......
Bottom of the 7th ....................
"Republican Maureen O’Connell won a county clerk’s race a year ago amid Democratic County Executive Thomas Suozzi’s re-election landslide. But she did not win in the Seventh state Senate District, where she is now running in a special election Feb. 6, as Democratic officials point out.According to 2005 election returns, Democrat Tricia Ferrell, a little-known candidate from Uniondale, edged O’Connell in the Senate district by 71 votes, 31,331 to 31,260. Countywide, O’Connell topped Ferrell 52-47 percent, according to William Biamonte, Democratic elections commissioner.Rick Brand
New Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who has already stumped for Democrat Legis. Craig Johnson (D-Port Washington), won the district by better than 2 to 1 last fall with 66.4 percent of the vote. Democrats hope that means Spitzer’s support will boost Johnson. However, special elections usually are low-turnout races in which as few as 10 percent of voters show up. So it is not the candidate who necessarily has the most support but the one who gets more backers to the polls who wins." ................still stumped about the typo??? "Stong Voice" is the answer..........andy

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