Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ripple Between Spitzer And Bruno Settles, A Little

NY1 News

Many years of my school assignments was to work for a local newspaper as a reporter. The editor sat me down and said......"Son....remember this saying......"Never believe anything you hear.....and only half of what you see"........Bruno has to put on a "public" face for his republican guess is...he recognizes the political genius behind the Balboni appointment..and the subsequent special election...he fully understands and respects the tenacity of Spitzer and his desire to succeed.........andy

A special State Senate election on Long Island unleashed some serious ripples in the highest levels of Albany between Governor Eliot Spitzer and Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno. However, Friday there appeared to be some cooling off. NY1’s Josh Robin filed the following report. Governor Eliot Spitzer and Majority Leader Joe Bruno are slowing down with their sniping. But with control of Albany in the balance it is too early to call it a ceasefire. The two politicians talked Friday, and later the Albany leaders showed they've definitely cooled their war of words over a crucial race to fill a Nassau County Senate Seat. "I'm looking forward to dealing with both leaders and all others in the state legislature and moving forward," said Spitzer. "He's the governor, and he can do anything he wants to do,” said Bruno. “And that's what he's doing." That's a reversal from earlier this week, when Bruno accused the Democrat Spitzer of money laundering and hypocrisy by headlining a fundraiser for Democrat Craig Johnson, while preaching campaign finance reform. "I think it's inappropriate, I think it's inequitable,” said Bruno. “I think it's unfair and I think it's time to step up and tell it like it is." Spitzer hotly retorted that claim to NY1, saying that a legal cloud over Bruno's head might be causing the Republican to try distracting New Yorkers from his own ethical shortcomings. "He's been under a lot of pressure recently, a lot of things going on in his life, and that may explain it,” said Spitzer. “And it's too bad."

Still, with so much at stake, neither side was backing down. If Republican Maureen O'Connell loses, the Democrats are just two seats from capturing the Senate, the last bastion of GOP control. Spitzer says he will not stop campaigning for like-minded candidates. "Anybody who thinks I will back away from any of those contests doesn't understand me, doesn't understand what I stand for, doesn't understand the passion I bring to changing the state of New York," added the governor. At that Bruno took a minor dig. "I would think the governor has enough to do to govern, in a state like New York, without being hands on, intricately involved in an election in a Senate district," countered Bruno. Meanwhile, Spitzer worked on interstate cooperation Friday, working with New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine. The two announced their agenda, to lobby Washington for risk-based security funding, at a commuter rail station a short ride from Manhattan. - Josh Robin

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