Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sizing up comptroller candidates

Yancey Roy Gannett News Service

This is a very well written article on the Hevesi Wannabees andy

"ALBANY -- One is called hardworking but gruff. Another is well respected but could be hurt by his recent status as a political boss. Another is a successful businessman but may have a conflict of interest.And that's just about half of the candidates who want to be New York's next comptroller.The hopefuls are rapidly ratcheting up their efforts to persuade state legislators to elect them, in the wake of the resignation of disgraced Comptroller Alan Hevesi. The Legislature -- not the voters -- get to fill the vacancy; it's expected to take action by the end of January.A three-member panel convened by Gov. Eliot Spitzer and legislative leaders will begin screening candidates Jan. 23. It will forward up to five names to be considered by the Legislature.That gives the mini-campaigns a very compressed timetable and leaves the hopefuls with few opportunities to woo legislators and distinguish themselves.
They're not wasting time."The campaign is already well under way, with some being more aggressive than others,'' said Assembly Majority Leader Ron Canestrari, D-Cohoes, Albany County. "It's the buzz of the Capitol.''In the hallways of state offices, every name that has come up has been greeted with a "yes, but'' reaction by insiders, signaling each has some obstacle to overcome" Yancey goes on to name Assemblyman Joseph Morelle, Assemblyman Richard Brodsky,Assemblyman Tom DiNapoli,William Mulrow. A Westchester County investment banker ,Andrew SanFilippo Buffalo city comptroller and some here to read the rest.......andy

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