Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Special Albany Welcome for Mulrow

Azi Paybarah The Politicker

Let the games begin...........start your engines folks....more of this stuff for the next few days...they say the first one..is always the most special one.....andy

"Eliot Spitzer may want an Albany outsider as comptroller, but to judge by the hearings so far, the private sector candidates aren't going to have an easy time of it.
Bill Mulrow used his opening remarks this morning to try to pre-empt some criticism of his business background, saying he would resign from all companies and groups he currently works with, put his assets in a blind trust and recuse himself from deals he had been associated with should he be selected as comptroller.
But Senator George Maziarz charged right into a tough line of inquiry about Mulrow's private sector background by asking, pointedly, whether he has ever "been in charge of any funds that have come under scrutiny," or whether he was "involved in the management of any funds that have come under scrutiny."
"Fair question," Mulrow said. "The simple answer is no."
He went on to give the not-so-simple answer."

for the rest...click here........andy

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