Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Liz Benjamin(Capitol Confidential) gives us an update on the union efforts for Maureen A Union Deluge .......funny all these robo calls never mention she is a Republican....and check this out......"Meanwhile, Johnson’s campaign is taking issue with the claim on the 1199 TV ad that O’Connell ”designed the first at-home care program in the nation” for cancer patients, noting Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx had a similar program 30 years earlier - something that was footnoted in an article O’Connell co-authored in 1980.
Web site says she designed “one of (my boldface added) the nation’s first programs providing comprehensive in-home care” for North Shore University Hospital.
Elsewhere on the site, it says that she “designed the nation’s first program providing in-home care for cancer patients.”
So, it’s a bit unclear which one of these statements is, in fact, true.
Johnson spokesman Alex Navarro said:
“Ms. O’Connell has clearly realized it’s impossible to run on her extreme right-wing record, so she has instead chosen to create a new history for herself. While we agree that this fabrication is far more attractive than her anti-choice, anti-stem cell record, we also believe that campaigns should be run on the facts, and this is not one of them.” and speaking of extreme right wing....
A Right, A Left, Ooo, That’s Gotta Hurt. "After being attacked as an ally of the “anti-choice right,” Maureen O’Connell is taking fire from the anti-abortion side, too.
The New York State Right to Life Committee said it was “deeply disturbed” to see O’Connell quoted in Newsday as not explicitly opposing abortion and characterizing the issue as a matter between a woman and her doctor. The group took it as essentially support of Roe v. Wade, and stated is was ”sad to announce its opposition to the candidacy of Maureen O’Connell for State Senate.” If this was a movie...I would call it the......"Many Faces of Maureen"..coming to a election booth near you......this is what happens when you try and run away from your past voting record and political wind up with jello.....andy

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