Sunday, January 21, 2007

Special Election Mania

Newsday lets us know Cash flow has both parties spent .......evidently there is no limit on what a political party can raise for a candidate as long as they do the fundraising and then give it back to the candidate..thus avoiding individual and corporate contribution limits......Bruno/Mondello have been past masters at this..why all of a sudden this barrage of bitching and moaing??? Can anyone recall these two complaining about this when Pataki was Governor??? and the NY Times proclaims Race to Fill Senate Seat Has Parties at Full Throttle "It’s like the battle of the titans,” said Arthur J. Kremer, a former Democratic Assemblyman. Besides the Spitzer-Bruno power struggle and the maneuvering for Senate control, the race is also an early test for the Republican Party’s new state chairman, Joseph N. Mondello, on his home turf. He was chosen by Mr. Bruno and also serves as county chairman here in Nassau." and my favorite quote...."Local politicians relish the statewide attention. “This district is the political epicenter for the whole state” for the duration of the campaign, said William T. Biamonte, the Democratic elections commissioner in Nassau." It certainly seems that way.......and the NY Post thinks Bruno should keep his mouth shut BRUNO'S BRAZEN BEEF "Now, not to put too fine a point on it, but Joe Bruno has very little standing to be questioning anybody's ethics - least of all Spitzer's.
Bruno is, after all, the focus of an FBI criminal investigation into what he describes as a private "consulting" business he runs out of his home.
Spitzer is not.
Bruno's tangled relationships with lobbyists - including his son Kenneth - are beyond scandalous.
Spitzer doesn't have that problem.
And the state Ethics Commission is looking into a trip Bruno took to Florida - which included a visit to a local strip joint - with a business client who may be an unregistered lobbyist.
Not so, Spitzer.
Ethics in government?
This is a conversation Joe Bruno doesn't want to have in public" amen and amen....andy

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