Saturday, January 06, 2007

Special Election Set

Mondello against Spitzer.....Balboni will stay out of it......if he wants to keep his new boss happy......Craig and Eliot will kick some Republican Butt...Liz I am sure Spitzer will find some time to campaign for Johnson....remember Craig was the first one out of the gate to support Spitzer when he was up against home boy Tom the Gov Dem Primary..........andy

Isn’t That Special?
January 6, 2007 at 2:29 pm by Elizabeth Benjamin
Gov, Eliot Spitzer has officially called the special election for the 7th SD seat vacated by former Republican state Sen. Michael Balboni, who departed to be the new administration’s deputy commissioner for public safety.
The date is exactly 30 days from today - Tuesday, Feb. 6 - as I first reported yesterday. It;s going to be a dead sprint of a campaign between the GOP’s candidate, Nassau County Clerk Maureen O’Connell, and the likely Democratic standard-bearer, Nassau County Legislator Craig Johnson.
For the record, Balboni has repeatedly said he intends to stay out of this race. However, I’m told his longtime political consultant/strategist, Norman Adler, will be running things for the Nassau County GOP, which has long been headed by new state Republican Chairman Joe Mondello.
Democrats have a several thousand-vote enrollment edge in the battleground district, which is located in northwest Nassau County and includes the town of North Hempstead as well as the communities of Floral Park, Elmont, Stewart Manor, Bellerose, Franklin Square and part of Hicksville.
If you recall, on the day Balboni’s appointment was announced Spitzer insisted that he had no ulterior motive for nabbing one of Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno’s more popular members out of the GOP conference.
So, if you take the new governor at his word, he has absolutely zero interest in seeing the Democratic Party take over the Senate majority. Nada. Zip. Zlich.
Right, and I have a lovely bridge to sell you.
It will be interesting to see how involved Spitzer gets in trying to further narrow the GOP Senate majority to two seats rather than three. Of course, he won’t have all that much time on his hands until after Jan. 31, since he’ll be working on his first executive budget. But it’s arguably that last week that counts the most anyway.

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