Sunday, January 28, 2007

Special Election Sunday Edition

"Baby it's cold outside" ........maybe an outdoor press conference in not the best way to go??? Newsday's Spincycle thinks so with their Just In -- From the Cold "Nassau County Legislator Craig Johnson meant to turn up the heat on Albany. But this time he left a few people out in the cold.The Port Washington Democrat, vying to replace newly minted state homeland security chief Michael Balboni in the state Senate, held a news conference Friday to chide the legislature for failing to pass a bill cracking down on sex offenders. He selected a traditional location for the presser: the front steps of the county courthouse.An outdoor presser on the coldest day of the year: A great way to endear yourself to the news media." Ya think this reporter is a tad pissed off???
and.......talking about the weather and being pissed off.......who wants to guess how Maureen is feeling about this little news item NARAL's First Lit Piece Against O'Connell "NARAL Pro-Choice New York has produced its first lit piece against Republican state Senate candidate Maureen O'Connell, claiming that the Nassau County Clerk's stance on reproductive rights "changes with the weather." and Newsday thinks Maureen's Campaign Crew has hit a new all time low with Tracking the LIRR Track Plan Foes "Maureen O’Connell has sent a targeted mailing to residents of villages along the route of the LIRR’s proposed Third Track Program.Each envelope contained a postcard residents can return, expressing their opposition to the project. The postcard asks for their name, telephone number and e-mail address.The mailing did not say what would happen to the postcards. But wouldn’t they give the campaign the sort of data bank info that comes in handy for any last-minute get-out-the-vote effort among likely supporters?" is Newsday throwing Maureen under the bus....errr train??? Can anybody guess the last time Maureen put on a nurse's uniform??? however 1199/SEIU is giving us all a rectal with their latest O'Connell tv ad....portraying Maureen O'Connell as Healer "Maureen O'Connell is sounding the health-care theme with the help of 1199/SEIU -- a union that knows that when this special election is over, Joe Bruno will still be Senate majority leader. Meanwhile the Craig Johnson campaign is whacking her over her claims of credit regarding a health program." meanwhile The Times Endorses Johnson “Governor Spitzer will need the cooperation of the Republican-dominated State Senate if he is going to make progress on the ambitious reform agenda he has laid out,” the Times wrote. “Mr. Johnson has vowed to be his ally in the coming battles, while Ms. O’Connell is likely to give reinforcement to the Albany status quo.
“For voters who have hopes that Mr. Spitzer will succeed in fixing Albany, as we do, Mr. Johnson is the obvious choice. We enthusiastically endorse him.” I guess the Times Crew was not fooled by all the "Deep Down I am Spitzer Fan" O'connell Rhetoric........and finally........Money is pouring in.. close the is coming through the windows.....
More GOP $$ "The state Senate Republican Campaign Committee’s 11-day pre-special election filing is up at the state Board of Elections Web site.
Opening balance: $299,736
Contributions: $404,050
Miscellaneous receipts: $195,000
Total receipts: $599,050
Total expenditures: $404,689
Cash on hand: $494,096
The SRCC spent $54,689 on behalf of 7th SD candidate Maureen O’Connell - all but $10,637 of which went to mail. The $10,637 went to Bolton St. John’s, the consulting/lobbying firm run by Norman Adler, who is the man behind O’Connell’s campaign." To give you an idea of what these folks are spending.....last night.I heard a O'Connell political radio commercial on WCBS NEWS RADIO 88...this is a very popular news station which covers the entire downstate metro area....Conn, New york and New jersey....more than 99.9 percent of the listening audience will not be able to vote in this special election.....isn't this nuclear overkill for a tiny senatorial district???

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