Thursday, January 25, 2007

Spitzer names DEC commissioner

The Poughkeepsie Journal

What this article doesn't mention is...............the fact DiNapoli was being considered for this post..I wonder how this plays out with his quest for State Comptroller??? Maybe Tom has a lock on that appointment??? stay tuned.........andy

Gov. Eliot Spitzer nominated Assemblyman Alexander B. "Pete" Grannis to serve as Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation today.Grannis was first elected to the Assembly in 1974 and represents the Upper East Side of Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. He currently serves as as Chair ofthe Assembly Insurance Committee and as a member of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee. As chairman of the Assembly's first Subcommittee on Toxic Wastes, he sponsored legislation ensuring a worker's right to know about hazardous materials in the work place and has worked to regulate the transport, storage and disposal of toxic wastes. Spitzer cited Grannis's record:- Grannis was a leader in fighting for the passage of the State Environmental Quality Review Act designed to safeguard the environment during development and governmental decision-making.- He championed the original bottle bill that placed a 5-cent deposit on many bottles and cans.- He supported bills to clean-up and revitalization of the state's brownfields. - He has "played a key role," according to Spitzer's announcement, in legislation related to acid rain prevention, improve air and water quality, reduce ozone-destroying fluorocarbons and increase recycling.- He authored the state's rapid transit noise code and has been at the forefront of the fight to have the MTA convert its polluting diesel bus fleet to clean fuels.- He authored New York's 1989 Clean Indoor Air Act and its 2003 amendments that curbed cigarette smoking in indoor public spaces.- He has been recoginzed by the Environmental Planning Lobby, the Audubon Society, the Environmental Action Coalition and Environmental Advocates and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.Judith Enck, who was also rumored to be in the running for the position, will be appointed as Deputy Secretary for the Environment. Enck has served as a policy advisor to Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and is seen by many in the environmental community as a strong advocate for issues championed by the grassroots.

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