Sunday, January 21, 2007

Spitzer names Pennsylvania official upstate development czar

Newsday AP Story

Day One is finally here for Upstate New York.......andy

January 21, 2007, 1:33 PM ESTALBANY, N.Y. -- Gov. Eliot Spitzer has tapped an economic development official from Pennsylvania to head a new Buffalo office that will spearhead efforts to revive the upstate New York economy. Daniel Gundersen joined Pennsylvania's economic development office as a top executive in 2003 and had worked previously in similar jobs in Maryland and Philadelphia, the Buffalo News reported in its Sunday edition. Gundersen, 46, will become co-chairman of the state's Empire State Development Corp. and lead the upstate office, the governor told the newspaper in an interview. The official announcement of the appointment is expected Monday in Buffalo. Spitzer said he chose Gundersen from a large group of development experts after a national search. He'll be paid $190,000 a year. Reviving upstate was a major theme in Spitzer's successful run for governor last year and will be "the single most important test or failure" of his administration, he said. Gundersen's job is "pure dedication to the upstate economy," Spitzer said, and he will have the power and resources to reverse the state's loss of young workers and the frustration of businesses facing high taxes and other competitive disadvantages. "I have a deep appreciation for the problems. But I also have optimism that we can tackle these issues," said Gundersen, who has a master's degree in governmental administration from the University of Pennsylvania. "He's a doer. There are lots of people who can talk and get the lingo. He actually gets the job done," said Spitzer. Gundersen has been working as chief operating officer of Pennsylvania's $665 million economic development agency and was responsible for the state's overseas business development efforts. Spitzer is also is hiring Kenneth A. Schoetz, who headed his Buffalo office while Spitzer was state attorney general, to be the agency's chief operating officer. The new Buffalo office will work in tandem with the established Empire Development operation in Manhattan.,,,,,,,The Buffalo News Tom Precious Spitzer fills job to boost economy has a more detailed story on this appointment.......andy

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