Thursday, January 11, 2007

Spitzer tax-cut plan slammed as merely a ‘tax shift'

Jay Gallagher Gannett News Service

The bottom line here is long as my tax bill goes it what you punt.....less money out of my pocket is what really counts.........capping school district spending across the board is irresponsible..not all school districts are created equal....consolidating some of them to cut down on the bureaucratic waste/replication of services and abuse is the ultimate way to favorite quotes from this rant........"But while STAR does reduce property-tax bills, the state reimburses school districts for money the schools lose as a result — and use state tax receipts, primarily income-tax collections, to make those payments, said E.J. McMahon of the Manhattan Institute.
“STAR is not a tax cut. It is a tax shift,” he said.........and your point........."Mauro and the others agreed on the prospects for another Spitzer plan: consolidate some of the 4,200 local governments and other taxing jurisdictions the state now has.
“It's virtually a lost cause,” said Mauro, who has studied the issues extensively. “Voters prefer local control to some theoretical savings.” There you go....let's do nothing's hopeless.......for the rest of this rant..
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