Monday, January 29, 2007

Spitzer’s Education Czar/Education Speech

Liz Benjamin Capitol Confidential

Yikes..the folks in Boston....are hopping mad they lost this guy.........and as I have said all is simply amazing how Eliot always seems to attract the best minds in the business to work for him......andy

Gov. Eliot Spitzer formally announced today that Rochester Schools Superintendent Manuel Rivera will serve in the newly-created position of senior education policy adviser, a post that pays $169,000-a-year.
Rivera will, according to a press release: “Oversee the implementation of Gov. Spitzer’s education reform policy, which will couple increased funding with necessary accountability and a more transparent school aid formula. He will also be responsible for implementing sweeping reforms designed to improve accountability.”
The selection of Rivera, who was named National Superintendent of the Year in 2006, was the result of a nationwide search, the release states.
The release makes no mention of the fact that Rivera was
recently tapped to lead Boston’s public school system by Mayor Thomas Menino. He was to be the city’s first Hispanic schools chief - a fact that was much touted by the Menino administration.
The selection process in Boston was, according to The Boston Globe, “top-secret,” and the closed-door nature of the deliberations is causing consderable consternation now that Rivera has slipped from Menino’s grasp.
Over the weekend, Rivera rejected reports that he rejected the Boston job due to the controlling leadership style of the woman who heads the Boston School Committee, and insisted he had decided to accept Spitzer’s offer “because of this unique, unexpected opportunity to impact the lives of 3 million children across the state of New York.” and things are a changing in school aid funding.........
Spitzer Wields Carrot, Stick On Education is about time...our schools are held accountable for poor performance....they sure seem to get enough of our hard earnied monies..........“The dynamic in education is about to change dramatically,” Spitzer said in his speech (as prepared for delivery). “With the reforms and accountability we will propose in our upcoming Executive Budget, and the resources we will commit to fully fund our schools over the next four years, there will be no more excuses for failure. The debate will no longer be about money, but about performance; the goal will no longer be adequacy but excellence; and the timetable will no longer be tomorrow but today" amen and amen....andy

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