Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Spitzer's State of the State Roundup

Gov. Eliot Spitzer delivered the State of the State address in the Assembly Chamber today in Albany, N.Y
Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times
I was listening to Eliot on Bloomberg Radio.....he kept getting rounds of applause...only one time he had to prompt a good response...charter schools.....what an impressive speech and presentation....unbelievable...I thought I would never hear in my lifetime so many reform ideas and solutions spouted in that Albany Chamber of Dysfunction...listening to had to believe he was going to accomplish his goals.....andy
The Adirondack Daily Enterprise gives us Text of Gov. Eliot Spitzer's fist State of the State address, Part I and Text of Gov. Eliot Spitzer's State of the State Address, Part II .........meanwhile the Mid-Hudson News proudly announces Spitzer calls for Stewart to be fourth NY Metro airport for the short version of Eliot's address The Utica Observer Dispatch gives us Spitzer's address: The highlights and the New York Times lets us know Spitzer Proposes Sweeping Overhaul in Albany "In his first annual address to the Legislature, Gov. Eliot Spitzer proposed to overhaul almost every corner of the state’s operations and policies, saying he would move swiftly to guarantee health insurance for all children in the state, publicly finance state elections, rein in spending and draft a constitutional amendment to overhaul the state’s courts" Bloomberg reports
Spitzer Asks Legislature's Support to Revive New York Economy The NYSUT (Professional Teacher's Union) lectures us Gov. Spitzer's address, like first day of school, brings message of hope "NYSUT President Richard C. Iannuzzi said Spitzer's speech reminded him of a strong teacher's first day in front of a new class. "Really good teachers establish a tone on that first day. The governor did that. It's good classroom management to start strong, with clear goals and responsibilities." Any minute now, Eliot is going to have to deal with a very disruptive "legislative" class...and finally......AP Writer MARC HUMBERT sums up Spitzer's Address Spitzer: Don't forget, I am a Democrat after 12 years of the GOP "In two major speeches over three days, newly installed Gov. Eliot Spitzer has repeatedly called for a united New York, but he has also sprinkled the speeches with enough red meat rhetoric to stoke the most partisan of Democrats. Spitzer is, of course, a Democrat and as governor has become the leader of the state party. He takes over after 12 years of Republican rule in the form of Gov. George Pataki and a GOP-controlled state Senate. "

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