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For all those still waiting for that special phone call from Spitzer's Group ....there is still hope...plenty of top positions in State Government are still waiting to be filled according to the Post...........andy

"January 7, 2007 -- ALBANY - In the time between his election and first week in office, Gov. Spitzer has only managed to appoint a handful of commissioners in the sprawling state government, leaving many agencies, authorities and commissions treading water.
"Big agencies are floating in limbo, like the Health Department and the Department of Environmental Conservation," said Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Research Group.
"At some point, probably relatively soon, it becomes a problem, though I'm not sure we're there yet after a week."
Dozens of state agencies, public authorities and commissions need to have vacancies filed.
"These things tend to take longer than anyone anticipates," said John Faso, the GOP candidate who lost to Spitzer in November and headed up George Pataki's transition budget team when he took over for Mario Cuomo 12 years ago.
"Finding the people, persuading them to go into public service is sometimes difficult."
After Spitzer won election in November, every agency head was asked to submit a resignation, effective Jan. 1. They were given the opportunity to reapply if they wanted.
Spitzer's early appointments focused on his inner staff, including his budget director, top policy advisers and communications staff.
To date, Spitzer has appointed or nominated people to head the budget office, the New York Housing Finance agency, the Urban Development Corp., the MTA, the Port Authority and the corrections, parks and labor departments.
"Every agency is being run by an acting commissioner or senior leadership that's been at that agency a long time," said Spitzer spokesman Paul Larrabee. "

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