Wednesday, January 03, 2007

State of the State Buzz

Liz Benjamin(Capitol Confidential) gives us a few reactions to Eliot's State of the State are few listed........
Dave Catalfamo, spokesman for former Gov. George Pataki:
“Governor Spitzer has laid out a broad and aggressive agenda, the foundation of which is the State’s sound fiscal condition that he is fortunate to inherit.”
“It’s certainly wise for the new Governor to provide the leadership to build on the STAR program - reducing local property taxes, continue the progess in the rebuilding of Ground Zero, and make new record investments in upstate’s high-tech innovation economy like the Centers of Excellence and AMD.”

CSEA President Danny Donohue:
“Governor Spitzer presented a bold and ambitious agenda for New York. His energy is impressive, but as he noted change will not come easy. CSEA looks forward to working with the new Governor on many areas to achieve fair and meaningful change.”

William E. Scheuerman, President of United University Professions:
“I’m thrilled to hear Gov. Spitzer voice his intention to make New York’s public higher education system the best in America.
“We share the governor’s goal.”
“The State University of New York is already heading in the right direction, with the hiring of more full-time faculty last year. We hope Gov. Spitzer will maintain that momentum by proposing a new state budget that continues investing in SUNY’s faculty and other resources students need.”

AG Andrew Cuomo:
“Governor Eliot Spitzer today laid out a bold and urgent agenda for our state. From sweeping government reform initiatives to plans for improving schools, revitalizing our Upstate economy, fighting Medicaid fraud through a state False Claims Act, the Governor put forth an ambitious and progressive vision.”
“I am honored to accept his proposal to work with Upstate law enforcement to protect New York’s children from gun and gang violence. As Attorney General, I am looking forward to working with Governor Spitzer to fulfill the mission of restoring the public trust in government that the people of New York demand and deserve.” for the rest ...
click here and for Senator Bruno's reaction click Bruno’s Reax .............and Azi Paybarah gives us some Reactions as favorite is from "Tom Suozzi, Spitzer's rival in the Democratic primary, said that the new governor did great.
"It's an exciting agenda. It's going to be very tough, but if there's one person who can accomplish it, it's Governor Spitzer." He can do it...because he has done it before??" Boy how times have changed............andy

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