Monday, January 22, 2007

Still looking for that dream job..working for New York State????

Liz Benjamin Capitol Confidential

It is still not too late....vacancies Liz points out below.....andy

A reader e-mailed over a list of all the top posts he could think of at state agencies, divisions and authorities that remain unfilled in the Spitzer administration. It’s fairly extensive.
And the reader rightly notes that if these posts are still unfilled, then the appointed jobs directly below them are likely open, too, since people like to bring on their own “teams.” (Or, perhaps not open, but still held by Pataki holdovers who have either reapplied for their jobs or just not departed yet).
If you can think of any others, please let us know.
New York State Police
Division of Veterans Affairs
Dept. of Tax & Finance
Dept. of Civil Service
Dept. of Transportation
Dept. of General Services
Office of Homeland Security
Office for Technology
Division of the Lottery
Inspector General
Banking Department
Division of Military and Naval Affairs
Department of Environmental Conservation
Divison of Parole
Public Employment Relations Board
Public Service Commission
Higher Education Services Corp. (the president, vice president, executive vice president and senior vice presidents - all appointed by former Gov. George Pataki - are all still around, I’m told, and only one person in an exempt position has resigned). for the rest of this equal opportunity employment article..........................
click here......andy

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