Wednesday, January 10, 2007

SUNY Webcast See It Thursday

Liz Benjamin Capitol Confidential

"One of Eliot Spitzer’s first moves following his inauguration was to mandate that public agencies broadcast their meetings.
One of the first agencies to comply is the State University of New York, which on Thursday will webcast their trustees meeting.
You can watch it
In announcing that the meeting would be webcast, Chancellor John Ryan, who has earned a reputation as a deft politician and strong promoter of the SUNY system, was quick to praise the new governor’s edict saying:
“Governor Spitzer’s leadership for open government is most commendable.”
Ryan went on:
“SUNY is pleased to have the technological capabilities for webcasting to comply with the directive and we look forward to being one of the first public meetings to be webcast.”
He’s right about the technical capabilities. SUNY for several years now has used long-distance video links to allow members of the trustees’ various committees to chat with each other in real time from far-flung locations.
It’s not unusual, for instance, for the charter school committee to meet with members participating via videophone from New York City, Albany, Syracuse and other locations " Day One is here and this is one more change for the better........andy

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