Monday, January 29, 2007

A Tale Of Two Parties

Liz Benjamin Capitol Confidential

Hey Jay Jacobs forked over a $25,000 check for 7th SD special election Democratic Fundraiser....what Liz is not aware...Jay has been cutting checks for local Dem races for years..both as a businessman...and now county matter how you feel about Jay...nobody argues with the fact he is a wonderful fundraiser...he has raised oodles of money for the Dem's over the years..........andy

The state Democratic Party’s financial filing is up at the Board of Elections site now, too.
Starting balance: $85,431
Contributions: $266,000
Miscellaneous receipts: $85,771
Total receipts: $351,771
Spent: $111,578
Balance: $325,625
Gov. Eliot Spitzer transferred $84,400 from his campaign committee to the state party. He did the same for the Senate Democrats, who have $286,298 on hand after raising $109,948 and spending $176,350.
That much-heralded $25,000-a-head fundraiser Spitzer headlined for the party to help its efforts in the 7th SD special election generated at least one interesting contribution: $25,000 from Nassau County Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs, who, like his ally Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi, is now playing nice with the Democratic establishment.
Norman Hsu, the clothing magnate, gave $15,000. Joseph Belluck, who used to serve as counsel in Spitzer’s AG office and handled the tobacco lawsuit cases, gave $25,000. Developer and Democratic fund-raiser David Steiner contributed $20,000. Friedrike Merck, whose ancestors built the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co., kicked in $10,000.
Meanwhile, the state GOP has yet to post its 11-day pre-special election filing. In January, it had a balance of $267,438 in its housekeeping account and $44,487 in its general reporting account.
The Senate Republicans, on the other hand, has $494,096 in its reporting account and, as of mid-January, had $2,347,410 in its housekeeping account.

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