Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Three's company, still Albany's iron triangle survives despite Spitzer's reform talk

New York Daily News Bill Hammond Opinion and Ideas

I wonder exactly what Bill expected??? Eliot is not a miracle worker...it took many years of dysfunction and neglect to bring this state to the condition it is in now.........Bill does concede that progress is being made "In truth, his budget reform package is at best a modest step in the right direction. It requires the governor and the Legislature to be more honest about how they spend the taxpayers' money, especially when it comes to pork-barrel grants that lawmakers arrange for pet projects in their home districts." hey it's a beginning.........a start.....you will never get rid of leaders...you can't negotiate with the entire assembly or senate..nothing would ever get done......."The bill zipped through the Legislature yesterday, even as watchdogs continued turning up flaws and loopholes in the fine print."....at least it got passed..flaws and all..the voters really don't give a damm how reform is accomplished..just as long as it gets done...Spitzer has something to show for his efforts...not perfect..but at least a start............to read the entire article..click here........andy

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