Saturday, January 06, 2007

To the ramparts with Eliot

New York Daily News Editorial

'In a State of the State address that proved you can be revolutionary without being radical, Gov. Spitzer yesterday began describing in fuller detail what he would have government do, as opposed to what he would do to government.
His concepts for reforming how Albany works and for spending its vast tax collections were overwhelmingly matters of common sense that would shake the place to its very foundations. Like stanching the Katrinaesque flood of political money that engulfs the capital. Like stripping bosses of the power to handpick judges. Like reining in runaway spending.'

'Spitzer's priorities for governmental reform were ambitious and screwed on straight. They included limiting the size of political donations, enacting public campaign financing, restricting the ability of former legislative aides to lobby the Legislature, establishing nonpartisan redistricting, shifting to merit selection of judges, streamlining the court system and trimming the 4,200 local taxing authorities that duplicatively dip into wallets across the state. Wow."

As Spitzer said on The Colbert Report.........."Bring on the Noise"........for the rest of this editorial click here.............andy

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