Saturday, January 06, 2007

War on pork

Albany Times Union Editorial

'How different is Albany suddenly, with Eliot Spitzer as the new governor, Andrew Cuomo as his successor as attorney general and a legislative culture under siege? It takes nothing more than the status of $200 million in what are known as member items to gauge the pace of potentially radical change in state government.
Mr. Cuomo is right to cite them, in his words, as "probably the most visible, graphic symbol of the degradation" that must be repaired. A year ago, the full list of projects sponsored by individual legislators as well as the governor's office wasn't even public. Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno made the quest for disclosure something of a dare. It took a lawsuit by this newspaper to get Mr. Bruno and the other holdout, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, to come clean.' It's called Day One...the days of doing business as usual are over..the handwriting is already on the legislative wall........for the rest of this editorial..
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