Monday, February 26, 2007

The $145 Billion Question


It seems lately the Times is totally is another example of this......

"The new comptroller, former Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli, was installed by his friends in the Legislature and has no investment experience.
That means New York’s workers and retirees are suddenly depending on a novice to manage an investment pool far larger than those supervised by Wall Street’s top money managers. And it means a former legislator with deep ties to the Democratic Party and its fund-raisers can now choose which managers and banks and lawyers get hundreds of millions of dollars in fees." Other than "honest" and "ethical "Hevesi...all the former comptrollers had no investment experience.....that's why they have a qualified and hardworking staff to advise...what's with this "suddenly"??? All the previous comptrollers had deep ties to the democratic party...hello...this is an elected position....what makes DiNapoli so special here??? his honesty and integrity???? lighten up Times....CSEA AND PEF.whose members rely on this pension have full confidence in Tom...they are putting their money where they mouth is....and here is one of the stupidest ideas ever proposed......."There is also one thing Gov. Eliot Spitzer and the Legislature should do: end the comptroller’s sole trusteeship over the pension fund. ".....HELL NO!!!!! LET ME REPEAT HELL NO!!!! Carl MCCall stopped 2 governors from raiding the pension fund to bail the state budget out...both Cuomo and Pataki tried that stunt...forget the board idea...and talk about being pun intended..."Hold on to the highly qualified professionals already in the comptroller’s office. If Mr. DiNapoli is going to do well, he needs smart, experienced people around him. The good staff in place now should not be pushed out to make room for patronage hires.".....duhhhhhhhh...most of this staff are democrat hires already....Hevesi was a democrat and.......Tom does have an IQ above 10....andy

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