Monday, February 12, 2007

All is not so quiet on the Westchester front........

Uncle Bruno had some advice for Spitzer today Bruno’s Lesson in Governing So Senator Joseph L. Bruno — the Republican majority leader that the Spitzer camp would like to see, sooner rather than later, as minority leader – was just asked if Governor Spitzer will be able to get anything done now that’s he’s at war with the Legislature.
“That’s strictly up to him,’’ Senator Bruno said. “You govern by negotiating – we want to do it publicly and openly – and you govern by compromising.’’
Then, a little twist of the knife.
“People who dictate, people who are tyrannical, they don’t get results,’’ he said. “So hopefully people will understand that." ouch!!!! meanwhile
Spitzer Strikes Again "Gov. Eliot Spitzer continued his attacks on Democratic legislators this morning. His latest target: Assemblyman George S. Latimer of Westchester County.
“I had supported George for the Assembly because I thought he supported reform, and I’m terribly disappointed to see both what he did, how he voted and what he has said,” the governor said this morning, during a stop in Mr. Latimer’s district. “We’ll see what happens down the road. I’m sure there are candidates out there who do support reform. That’s what I said up in Syracuse that’s what I’ll say in Buffalo, that’s what I’ll say wherever I go across the state.” bet is still on...Spitzer won't say it in Seminario's district in Queens or Weisenberg's district in Long Beach.........and maybe Spitzer has Senate minority leader, Malcolm Smith in his pocket??
Spitzer’s Ace? and Liz Benjamin lets us know the The War Escalates "For those legislators and observers who are hoping that this thing will just blow over, Spitzer had this to say:
“There are some who want to say ‘oh, well last week was last week and we can ignore it,’ Let me be really clear: I wont ignore it.” Great...this war should go on for weeks and months........"One Democratic assemblyman (not Latimer) questioned the wisdom behind Spitzer’s all-out assault if, in fact, his end goal is to get rid of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan.
“This is no way to organize a coup,” the legislator said. “He’s losing votes by the day. The only way for him to succeed this way is to go out and eliminate every one of us.” now there is a game plan huh??? “What he wants is for everyone to be like Malcolm (Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith, D-Queens), which is basically an appendage of him, someone so beholden to him that if the Senate falls, he’ll essentially control all three branches of government.”
“I think that’s what he wants, and I think it’s crazy and ultimately dangerous for the state. We learn about balance of powers in school. There’s a reason for it. The founding fathers knew what they were talking about.” and we learn something more about
Spitzer’s Anger ..........."On the comptroller question, Nolan said it was clear “how angry (Spitzer) was about what he obviously feels was not the right thing,” and she felt “sympathetic” towards him.
“I felt bad for him,” she said. “It’s tough when you don’t get what you want in politics. I’m very sympathetic to that, having had it happen to me, too. I told him that I have a clear conscience and a clean heart, and I felt very resolute that I was doing the right thing.” we also learn "Aides to Spitzer have been reaching out to members in a divide-and-conquer strategy to separate them from Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, alleging that Silver is holding up reform measures that are key to the governor’s agenda" I am going to grab a bag of popcorn..sit down...relax and look foward to the next episode of "spitzer wars"...coming to a local assembly district near you......andy

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