Saturday, February 24, 2007


Yancey Roy thinks a big Battle looms over bottle-bill expansion
"ALBANY — Gov. Eliot Spitzer's proposal to expand the state's bottle-deposit law to juices, water and other beverages could turn out to be one of his toughest fights this year.
About 50 groups are lined up to lobby for or against it, with opponents claiming the plan amounts to a $200 million tax hike. Not only does the Democratic governor want to change what containers carry the nickel deposit but also who gets the nickel when customers don't return them." meanwhile Spitzer names a
new interim superintendent of the New York State Police "Preston L. Felton, a former lieutenant with the Troop C Bureau of Criminal Investigation, was appointed Friday to serve as interim superintendent of the New York State Police." and some good news for hard hit upstate snow belt Bush Orders Federal Aid for Oswego, Oneida, Lewis Counties...and the NY Times reports Spitzer Backs Off Remarks on Listing of 9/11 Names "Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s administration has backed away from from remarks the governor made earlier this week that suggested there would be further discussions about how to arrange the names of the dead at the 9/11 memorial. "...Eliot did not have much choice here...this Pataki mess has been going on for years...time to move foward...flaws and all.....and the burning question of the day is Casino in Auburn within a year? everybody these days seem to have casino mania...a quick economic fix for what ails you??? and we learn that Spitzer calls special election for Staten Island Assembly seat "A special election will be held March 27 to fill the state Assembly seat left vacant by the election this week of Republican Vincent Ignizio to the New York City Council, Gov. Eliot Spitzer announced Friday." and Newsday's SpinCycle gives us Spitzer's Target o' the Week "Gov. Spitzer has, apparently, tired of yelling at Shelly Silver, Tom DiNapoli and whichever obscure Assemblyperson comes to mind on a given day, and moved on to a new target: Hospital Executives." As the TV show "A" Team used to say "I pity the poor fool" .........and Liz Benjamin lets us know a few elected officials are Following Spitzer’s Lead "Five Assembly Democrats will announce Sunday that they, like Gov. Eliot Spitzer, will henceforth adhere to self-imposed campaign finance restrictions.
The lawmakers -
Hakeem Jeffries and Karim Camara, of Brooklyn; Michele Titus, of Queens; Linda Rosenthal and Brian Kavanagh, of Manhattan - are all, with exception of Titus, who was elected in 2002, relatively new to Albany." ...Eliot is setting the reform pace in Albany.........and Azi Paybarah(The Politicker) thinks he has found some Missing Links "A reader draws my attention to the fact that on Eliot Spitzer's official gubernatorial website, there are no links (at least, none that I can find) to the sites of the other elected statewide officials, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.
It's a little different on the state's official site: there's no link there to
the comptroller's office, but you can get to the AG's office." having worked for state government for over 28 years...this is just plain incompetence...sorry conspiracy theories here...hopefully somebody will get this straightened out.............and finally The Times Empire Zone points us to a very useful link....".Gabe Pressman’s interview with the governor will be broadcast on Sunday, but there’s a transcript here. One highlight is the brewing battle over Medicaid. [The Daily Politics] " It totally amazes me how all the blogs quote each other constantly....andy

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