Monday, February 05, 2007

and yet another O'Connell Flyer Mishap

Newsday Spincycle
Imagine for a moment..using a building of worship in your campaign flier...where the congregation told you point blank they were not going to endorse you and to please stay away??? Does this stop our intrepid anti-terrorist Maureen from using them anyway???? Somebody within the inner republican circle is sabotaging this whole campaign....after this latest fiasco...nobody but nobody could be this stupid.............andy
Great Neck Flap
A Maureen O'Connell flyer that went out this weekend to Jewish homes touts her endorsement from the Jewish Press and other community leaders. It has photographs of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg alongside a Jewish family and an anonymous Orthodox man. The problem comes at the bottom of the flyer, where there's a picture of the Great Neck Synagogue, which not only has not made an endorsement in the race but declined O'Connell's request to campaign there, according to the synagogue's executive director, Mark Twersky.
"It's very misleading, as you can see," Twersky said. "I've been getting calls from the congregants, they're all very upset."

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