Thursday, February 08, 2007

As the Comptroller dust settles...........

Some media observations...taken from the various blogs.....Liz Benjamin is the best at making you feel you are right there at the event she is covering......take the Legislative vote yesterday......"Spitzer may not consider him qualified to be comptroller, but one thing became clear during yesterday’s vote: DiNapoli is well-liked by his former colleagues - even the Republicans." and "At least four aides to Gov. Eliot Spitzer were in the chamber during the vote: Communications Director Darren Dopp, Director of Legislative Affairs Jim Clancy, Deputy Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs Marty Mack and Senior Advisor for Intergovernmental Affiars Mike Schell.
Clancy, Mack and Schell were in the balcony; they were spotted flipping through the “face book” - the directory that includes legislators names, photos and contact information - while votes were being cast. Dopp was standing against the rear wall of the Assembly chamber."...just like the feds taking down license plate #'s in the parking lot??? and "One final breakdown of yesterday’s state comptroller vote and a few last words on the subject:
Ex-Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli received: 104 votes from Assembly Democrats, 17 from Assembly Republicans, 29 from Senate Republicans and none from Senate Democrats (two of the 28 minority senators were excused/absent, Craig Johnson has not yet been sworn in).
NYC Finance Commissioner Martha Stark received: 26 votes from Senate Democrats, 25 from Assembly Republicans, 3 from Senate Republicans (Bonacic, Maziarz and Robach, Owen Johnson was execused) and 2 from Assembly Democrats (Tonko and Millman).
Tonko, as was discussed here yesterday, is widely believed to be in waiting for a post at NYSERDA. Stark is a resident of Assemblywoman Joan Millman’s Brooklyn district." so basically Tonko is brown nosing for a Spitzer promotion and Millman was being loyal to his hometown pick.......Liz also shows us...the experience argument can cut both ways......
The Experience Factor .............and there are some people very comfortable with the idea DiNapoli will be looking after our State Pension Fund "Three labor unions - the AFL-CIO, SEIU/1199 and CSEA - put out statements today in support of ex-Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli’s selection as the new state comptroller." Meanwhile Azi Paybarah gives us DiNapoli's 53rd birthday is on Saturday........Happy Birthday Tom!!!!!!!!! and The New York Times, Post and Daily News editorial boards all denounce the legislature..........yawn........and At least $100 per vote was spent in Tuesday's special election in Nassau.......yikes!!!!!!!! and finally..a no brain er ........The state GOP is in bad shape....ya think????? ................andy

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