Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ball’s 15 Seconds or Goober gets discovered

(photo courtesy Capital Confidential)

Liz Benjamin Capitol Confidential

Freshman Republican state Assemblyman Greg Ball, (99th AD) who clearly subscribes to the “even bad publicity is good” school, has released a recording of his statement during yesterday’s state comptroller vote that drew considerable media attention and boos, hisses and hoots of derision from his Democratic Assembly colleagues.
UPDATE: Now there’s
a video, too.
Ball is an outspoken conservative who defeated former Assemblyman Willis Stephens Jr. in a GOP primary last fall, winning a seat that had been in the Stephens family for two generations.
In a press release today, Ball announced that his statement on the floor of the Assembly had won him mentions in “The New York Times, New York Post, The Journal News, Poughkeepise Journal and 186 other media outlets.”
I didn’t know there were 186 media outlets that cover the state Legislature in New York.

Who is this guy really representing....his constituents or himself? it is bad enough he is a republican in a democratic he has to go shooting off his mouth about a respected and well liked colleague....what influence do you think this guy is going to have in the future for getting anything for his constituents??? maybe his game plan was to get appointed a commissioner or somewhere by Spitzer??? this guy is toast.........after his 15 seconds of fame is over...he will discover how many restrooms there will be for him to clean in the state assembly...........andy

Well now you know theree are 186 media outlets and he is representing his constituents by speaking up as he did as he promised during his campaign-one reason why he was elected-people are FED UP with politics as usual-


Shelly Silver is a well liked colleauge? Where have your been? Shelly Silver has been critized on a National level he is so well liked-

no he is not looking for anything from Spitzer-ever heard of cooperation?

Yeah, when Greg is going to clean up Albany, he will be also cleaning you out of the restroom.
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