Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Car Question

Again..thanks Liz B from Capitol Confidential for this update as well........Tom will do the right thing...that is just the way he is......hypersensitivity or not.....and unfortunately he did receive a death threat..........andy

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, who is no doubt well aware of the hyper-sensitivity around state-owned vehicles and the rules governing their use, did not purposely ignore that issue when he announced new ethics regulations today.
DiNapoli plans to soon sign an executive order to specifically address OSC vehicles, according to his spokesman Dan Weiller.
The State Police are currently reviewing the comptroller’s security needs, Weiller said, and DiNapoli is waiting until that assessment is complete before issuing the order.
At the moment, OSC has two cars, both of which are assigned to DiNapoli - one upstate and on down - although he dosn’t use them all the time, Weiller said.
DiNapoli, who received a
death threat not long after he took office, has a driver who doubles as a security guard, Weiller said.

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