Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Catch-Up on some Political Spam....damm is that good!!!!

(Pictured above is Eliot Spitzer during his visit to Ground Zero this morning.)
Azi Paybarah The Politicker
Azi lets us know Unlike Joe Bruno, Sheldon Silver may not support Eliot Spitzer's plan to build a casino in the Catskills...........where does Azi come up with that idea??? A man accused of helping terrorists donated $15,000 to Republicans........sorry..totally off topic...but couldn't resist placing it here.....The Times Empize Zone reports Spitzer: Still a Steamroller "It has been a challenging two weeks for Gov. Eliot Spitzer, given the Democratic-controlled Assembly’s decision to defy him and pick one of their own to be comptroller, and hints from the Republican-controlled state Senate that it would block some of Mr. Spitzer’s senior appointments.But today, Mr. Spitzer — who was speaking before a convention of town and village executives — sounded upbeat about relations with the Legislature, and about his chances to move forward on an ambitious agenda. Asked if he still considered himself a steamroller, Mr. Spitzer said “we’re putting my foot to the pedal.” He also noted that around Valentine’s Day, the Republican leader of the Senate, Joseph L. Bruno, had given him roses.
Ah, young love… exciting and new." just wait for the prenups.....then let's see lol............and the Pataki Legacy continues with
Office Politics "Shortly before George E. Pataki left office, the state sold the governor’s office in Manhattan, at 633 Third Avenue.
The idea was not to leave his successor homeless. The sale was to pave the way for eventually moving the governor’s office to Lower Manhattan. In the meantime, the plan called for having the next administration continue to rent the Third Avenue space from the new owners.
Now members of the Spitzer administration are questioning the deal.
Patrick J. Foye, above, the downstate chairman of the Empire State Development Corporation, wrote that although one provision of the sale called for the new owners to rent the governor’s offices back to the state for $45 a square foot, the state has been paying $75 a square foot — a difference that will cost the state $2 million through June 2008.
In a letter sent Friday to the aforementioned Mr. Brodsky, who has been investigating the sale of the office space, Mr. Foye said that the buyer, Time Equities Inc., was not the highest bidder for the property, and complained about the discrepancy between what the state expected to be charged and what it was being charged.
“Let me assure you that we will not allow this $30 per square foot difference to stand and will take appropriate steps to protect the state and taxpayers,” Mr. Foye wrote." Leave it to good old George to continue to shower his real estate buddies with generous state paid rents........andy

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