Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Comptroller Complications

With the "special" election now safely put to bed.......we now have the final chapter of the Comptroller Sings the Blues......Liz Benjamin(Capitol Confidential) was really trying to "fire up" Eliot's steamroller engines with Spitzer: “My Patience…Has Run Its Course” "He said the outcome of this race should serve as a cautionary sign for “those insiders who haven’t yet gotten the message.”
When I asked him if the result meant more to him given that it comes on the eve of the Assembly Democrats’ likely mutiny in the state comptroller’s contest, Spitzer responded:
“There could be no more fundamental dichotomy than the clear voice of the public calling out for reform and the failure of certain leaders to heed that call…I am here as the voice of the people…and my patience with leaders who fail to heed that call has run its course.”
I asked the governor whether that meant there will be repercussions for the Assembly Democrats if and when they go through with their plan to buck both the governor and the screening panel to choose one of their own members as comptroller, Spitzer said that he was “merely making an observation.” Liz is at her best here.......but Eliot held his ground without giving the shop away...........Assemblyman Joseph Morelle’s hometown paper, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, reported that he was picking up support from
upstate Republicans. The paper endorsed him, noting that he would be the only statewide official from North of Westchester..........maybe these upstate republicans haven't spokent to Bruno yet??? and Azi Paybarah(The Politicker) tells us State lawmakers are set to vote on a comptroller today....and the NY Times Empire Zone reports Diaz: Spitzer Letter ‘Unfortunate’ "Assembly Democrats reacted to the governor’s letter shortly before they went into a meeting Tuesday night.
Assemblyman Ruben Diaz, Jr., of the Bronx, called it “unfortunate.”
“We are an equal partner with the governor, we look forward to working with him, we want to do the great things that he’s outlined in his budget proposal,” he said. “There’s much more work that needs to be done and this issue of comptroller will come and go like many others. I don’t think that we have to draw a
line in the sand, we have so many more things to work on, that’s all I can continue to say, because I don’t think we will continue to fight over this.” Today's vote should be very interesting...ya think Eliot has some last minute tricks up his legislative sleeve??? stay tuned.............andy

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