Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Death Threat Update

Newsday's SpinCycle gives us more info.....Tom D'iNapoli should now have security protection....this letter just highlights the need....and all this comptroller infighting should cease now....Let Tom do his job...and eventually the voters will decide what kind of job he has done....time to ratchet this whole mess down......I adore and respect both Eliot Spitzer and Tom DiNapoli..for the people they are..and what they represent........let's bury the hatchet and move on...........andy

Death Threat
With all the fighting over Tom DiNapoli's appointment, we now have a death threat. A letter received at the comptroller's office this morning threatened both DiNapoli and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, according to state police.
There was also some concern about a substance inside that has been sent for testing. The unsigned letter had an Albany postmark. Here's the text, released by the comptroller's office:
"You weren't elected by the people. I see you walking by the capitol. Forgive me, I'm so depressed. I'm going to give you the Huey Long treatment. Do you know who he was? I was a marksman in the army. Two shots that's all. Please forgive me — I'm so depressed. Silver has got to go too."

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