Thursday, February 01, 2007

Debating Spitzer's Health Cuts in Nassau

( Azi Paybarah The Politcker)

This is typical "republican" doublespeak...Maureen is 100 percent behind Spitzer on his Albany reform proposals(let's appeal to the Spitzer Voters...(70 % of the total vote from this district) ..and now Maureen is protecting these same voters from what??? the necessary closing of hospitals and the cut down on rampant medicaid fraud??? because the unions backing her don't want to lose jobs or political power??? andy

"This flier and new radio ad by 1199 SEIU and CSEA are ostensibly for Republican state Senate candidate Maureen O'Connell. But it's hard to ignore the swipe these health care unions are taking at Eliot Spitzer.
From the radio clip:
"Up in Albany, state leaders aren't listening. In fact, the proposed budget includes cuts in vital health care programs. That means millions of dollars less for hospitals and nursing homes in Nassau County. These are cuts that will hurt our families."
"She's the leader we can count on to cut waste, not health care programs. She'll reform health care, but make sure we protect patients."
This race may indeed be the referendum on Eliot Spitzer that Democrats were hoping for, and health care unions seem now to want that too. It's also worth noting that Spitzer is on something of an I'm Not a Cold-Hearted Steamroller tour, visiting the Vernon Avenue Children's Center in Brooklyn at noon."

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