Thursday, February 08, 2007


The Albany Times Union reveals Spitzer reappoints Kaye as chief judge ....this story got lost in the special election/comptroller excitement....and Eliot is leaving town for a breather Spitzer to visit Broome County and believe it or not..we are in the the middle of the state budget process Spitzer hits road with budget and the Times Union thinks this is the beginning of the end for Silver and Company The Legislature's gall ..........come on..take a deep breath...relax....and newsday thinks LI eyes NJ tax cut with envy ........hopefully Eliot's new and improved star program will ease the pain......and for some comic relief.....Rookie Assemblyman Ball booed after going on ‘dysfunctional' tirade ...............and the Elmira Star Gazette proclaims News analysis: The honeymoon is over in Albany no shit...sherlock....geeeezzz...and now Nassau County has to deal with 2 special to replace Johnson and one to replace DiNapoli Johnson seat seen going to ally and Joye Brown of Newsday thinks Tom Suozzi is a "little" steamroller?? LI voters, again, usher in revolution and finally Tom DiNapoli...being the class act he has always been...gave Spitzer a call and tried to make peace and start things off on the right foot Giving thanks, easing strife andy

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