Friday, February 16, 2007

‘Eliot’ changing the tone

Politics On The Hudson

"The response to the Spitzer administration to the decision of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s girlfriend, Diana Taylor, to step down as state banks commissioner underscores the change in tone at the Capitol since Eliot Spitzer became governor.
“Eliot and Silda,’’ Spitzer’s wife, like Diana, think she has done a fine job as the state’s top banking official and are sorry the state is losing her, but respect her decision to go back into private industry, Spitzer press secretary Christine Anderson said.
“Eliot and Silda?” It’s unimaginable to think of a spokeswoman for former Govs. George Pataki or Mario Cuomo ever refer to their bosses by their first times. And going back even further, it’s a safe bet that “Nelson’’ was not the way adminisration spokesmen referred to Gov. Nelson Rockefeller.
This is obviously a different era, but even by contemporary standards Spitzer is deterimedly informal. He causes only a minor wave when he lunches in the cafeteria on the first floor of the Capitol, with a couple of aides, cheerfully greeting passers-by and fellow diners. He still has State Police protection when he travels, but overall a much smaller entourage accompanies him than were constantly with his precedessors." Thank goodness the days of "King" George and his royal procession are over........andy

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