Sunday, February 04, 2007

Finally, there's help on the way

Fred LeBrun Albany Times Union

Fred gives us an interesting story on what "Day One" means to Ward Stone...let me give you a few quotes.........

"When Ward Stone called, he was giddy. "I don't believe it. Finally. Good news, I mean really good news," Ward said.
After 38 years as the state's one and only wildlife pathologist, often on the outs with supervisors and Department of Environmental Conservation commissioners and big bosses and often working 70-hour weeks, his pathology unit is finally scheduled to expand -- and get respect." Gov. Eliot Spitzer's proposed $120 billion annual budget includes funding for an additional wildlife pathologist, and another pathologist whose area of expertise will be fish and aquatics."

"With a new invasive species coming into New York every six months from the Great Lakes alone, a fish pathologist is badly needed. Nearly all of those invasive species, which come by way of overseas shipping, are harmful or disruptive to native wildlife. Many, like zebra mussels, hit us hard in the pocketbook too.
"Gosh, maybe that means I might move up a grade. I haven't gotten a promotion since about 1973," Stone said with a laugh. Of course, he knows perfectly well why. Ward Stone has made a career of speaking directly to the public through the media without necessarily informing his supervisors or the DEC's press office first. Tormenting your employer has its downside. Ward is not hugely popular even with the current management structure, although in recent years they've learned it's better to just leave him alone. He bites."

click here to read the rest..........andy

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