Friday, February 23, 2007

Give ‘em hell, Eliot!

Olean Times Record Editorial

This about...says it all........andy

"It is utterly amazing to read article after article of politicians and “political analysts” dressing down Eliot Spitzer for his brash style. Have they forgotten his campaign?
Isn’t that how he does things? Isn’t that what he promised to do? What we expect of him?
In dealing with the failure and corruption of entrenched career politicians in New York, things are bound to get ugly. This is just the sort of whining you would expect from nervous paper tigers when the new guy comes to town.
Simply looking at recent history is enough to make this story thick with irony. Eliot Spitzer had a long, righteous run knocking the ego and the greed off much of Wall Street, going after people who think they are above the law, above reproach.
He went at them like a steamroller. That is is style. He didn’t need to fudge the rules to do it. It was the right thing to do and everyone knew it.
On the other hand, we have House Speake Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno and their countless lap dogs sneaking around agreements and rules. Bruno and Silver are still smudged from the dirt of Gov. George Pataki, with whom they shared access to a billion dollar slush fund, hidden from the books to “do the people’s business.” They did this while presiding over the most massive increase in property taxes in New York’s history, not to mention the largest exodus of businesses ever.
They have passed the buck to local governments ever since they were elected. And they have the gall to bully the new governor?
Entrenched politicians only win at dirty politics. They have been failures at everything else in Albany. For them to lecture the “new kid” on how things are done around here is a gut-busting laugh riot.
Gov. Spitzer’s life has been spent upholding laws while his detractors seem to be bent on breaking them. At present, Bruno is being investigated by the FBI for his business dealings. I say, where there is smoke, there is fire.
Don’t like Gov. Spitzer’s style Albany? Good. Get used to it. That is why he was elected in overwhelming numbers."

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