Friday, February 23, 2007

GOP Declares Victory (Updated)

Liz Benjamin Capitol Confidential

Mondello must be smoking some of that "funny stuff"...senator al keeps talking about............andy

The state GOP is casting ex-Assemblyman Vincent Ignizio’s victory in a special election for a NYC Council seat in Staten Island earlier this week as its “first step back” following a string of embarrassing defeats by the Democrats.
Ignizio, whose win creates the need for yet-another special election in the Assembly, won with over 70 percent of the vote, keeping the Council seat in Republican hands.
State GOP Chairman Joe Mondello called this an “important first step for the Republican Party down the road back to victory in New York,” and hailed the “grassroots” campaign run by Ignizio and Staten Island Republican Chairman Joe Friscia.
“Politics is a cyclical business,” Mondello said in a press release.
“And while New York’s Democrats are currently enjoying the sweetest of honeymoons, the results from Staten Island last Tuesday make it clear that a Republican Party that is rebuilding, retooling, and returning to grassroots fundamentals stands ready to compete for every office in every corner of this state, providing residents with the critically important checks and balances necessary to truly reform state government and provide residents with the significant tax relief that is vital to the future of New York.”

Here is a reader's comments that just about sums this whole article up.......

“Mission Accomplished!”
Comment by danielmorgan — February 22, 2007 @
4:51 pm

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