Thursday, February 15, 2007

Governor calls up National Guard

Capitol News 9

Even as the snow starts to let up, Governor Eliot Spitzer's work is just beginning.
The governor spent most of the day coordinating crews and providing resources to the areas hardest hit by the storm.
Speaking to us by phone, Spitzer called safety his number one priority and says state is prepared to deal with whatever lies ahead.
"There are real risks involved in terms of making sure roads are clear, people going to work are doing so in a matter that is safe and so the first thing you worry about is the DOT out there making sure the roads are clear. Is the National Guard positioned to be where they have to be. Yesterday we made sure there were National Guard troops who were in Syracuse ready to go up into Oswego County which is where we thought there'd be the greatest possibility of risk," Spitzer said.
On Tuesday, Spitzer activated members of the National Guard to help with snow removal.

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