Thursday, February 08, 2007


Cooler heads need to prevail here.......this back and forth bantering and posturing is not helping anybody........Azi Paybarah starts us off with Spitzer Takes Aim? "Just one day after helping elect a Democratic state Senator in Nassau -- and just hours after the election of Tom DiNapoli as comptroller by his colleagues in Albany -- Eliot Spitzer raised the possibility of campaigning against incumbent Democrats in the Assembly, demonstrating, if nothing else, that he prefers stick over carrot in his dealings with legislative intransigence. " and the response??? Lopez Responds "Brooklyn County Democratic Leader Vito Lopez just told me Eliot Spitzer should think "carefully" about his threat to campaign against incumbent legislators, warning that there would be "ramifications" if he did.
Here's what he said:
"The governor or any other public official has the right to challenge or get involved in elections statewide. If that did occur, like any other act, there will be ramifications of such actions. He has the right to get involved, and that is something he should look at carefully. Such an action also has other kinds of reactions." Enough already......let's play nice guys........and Azi wonders if Eliot is going to show up at dem fundraiser sponsored by the Dem Assembly
Breaking Bread with the Enemy enemy??? Here is my question....why do we as democrats self destruct..even when we have the world by the balls??? my father used to have an expression...some people just can't stand prosperity.....fits the bill here.............ironically if anybody can patch things up and bring everybody back will be Tom DiNapoli...he is that kind of guy....andy

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