Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The Gotham Gazette gives us Comptroller DiNapoli ......a very good read on what happened today and various reactions....".Senator Majority Member Joseph Bruno indicated DiNapoli could probably do the job despite a lack of investment experience. “You don’t have to be an expert on the markets,” he said. “You need to be a good manager.” And, according to The Politicker, Republican Assemblymember Anthony Seminerio was even more direct: “You don’t have to be an Einstein.”.........Tom is a very hardworking honest dude who has good government knowledge and knows how the system works....forget the Einstein and wall street broker are a few Azi Paybarah(The Politicker) short takes......."It's over.
Tom DiNapoli just got the votes needed to become the new state comptroller.
He's being congratulated while two of his staffers are wiping away tears as they stand in the aisle next to me. Legislators are walking over to DiNapoli, shaking his hand and prompting a blur of flashes from the cameras photographers perched near his desk.
That was fast. " and Here's how Democratic Assemblyman Michael Benjamin of the Bronx is describing Tom DiNapoli, who appears to be on the verge of becoming state comptroller.
From Benjamin's press release about the comptroller vote:
"In fact, for an Assemblymember, Tom is quite articulate, clean and well-dressed."
Tom also uses deodorant and bathes quite frequently...geeeeeeezz........and Liz Benjamin shares
Spitzer: “A Turning Point” ..............."Gov. Eliot Spitzer expressed his extreme ”disappointment” with the Legislature for going against his wishes and making ex-Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli state comptroller and said he considered this a “turning point” in his relationship with the legislative leaders.
He called today’s decision “a stark reminder of all that is wrong with our Legislature and its leadership and what we have so much ground to cover in our efforts to reform Albany.”
“You have just witnessed the insider game of self-dealing that unfortunately confirms every New Yorker’s worst fear and image of all that goes on in the Legislature of this state,” Spitzer said.
“Legislators and their leaders had an opportunity to rise above and show they have listened, learned, absorbed, but they did just the opposite. They returned to the cocoon of the Albany status quo that has driven their behavior for too long.” ..................ya think Eliot is a tad upset with this?? Liz is at her best here...she is going for the throat with these follow up questions......"Asked if there would be repercussions for lawmakers who voted against him, Spitzer insisted he didn’t want to talk about “consequences.” He also didn’t want to talk about whether he thought Bruno and Silver should be replaced as leaders as a result of the comptroller vote.
“I’m not going to speak to that right now,” Spitzer said. ”I think I have spoken to the disappointment that I feel.” Here is the irony of all of this....Tom DiNapoli fits right in with Spitzer's Day One......he is squeaky clean ...honest..bright and hardworking......Tom gives politics a good name...always has..always will.....why his name was not included in the panel's recommendations is where the problem lies exclude Tom off the finalist list was just plain wrong..............and put Silver's back against the wall.......knowing Tom and how he works....makes me feel very good tonight....and I promise you all the time Tom gets through with the Comptroller's Office...Eliot will be singing a different tune..a more happy one...........andy

Gov. Spitzer may see this as a loss now but you know as well as I do this is a second win for the Democratic party and Gov.Spitzer. Comptroller DiNapoli will restore the integrity to the office of the comptroller. I wish Tom the best of luck.
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