Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Let the Games Begin.......or not.......

(NY Times Photo)

(New York Times Photo)

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Newsday Spincycle gives us this special public service announcement Poll Problem Hotline "If you see problems at the 7th Senate district polls on Tuesday -- voter suppression, dysfunctional machines, old-school intimidation, etc. -- Common Cause has a voter complaint line ready to go. It's staffed by New Hyde Park native Liam Arbetman, one of the organization's research associates. Their number is 1-800-300-8707.
You should also let us know. Email reporter
Reid Epstein or editor Dan Janison with tips about any shenanigans. " Does anybody know what a shenanigan is??? maybe an offshoot of the young republicans??? meanwhile Newsday gives us Pulling out all the stops in Senate race "Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani put an extra charge into the final windup to today's exceptionally expensive and dramatic off-year showdown between Craig Johnson and Maureen O'Connell for a vacant Nassau state Senate seat." maybe we got a sneak preview of the upcoming presidential elections??? and Joye Brown gives us C'mon, voters, you must take the plunge ...........she thinks long island voters should brave the frigid weather because...."Today, voters could help Joseph Mondello, the new state and longtime county Republican chairman, get off to a strong start. If Republican Maureen O'Connell wins, Mondello's the man." or "And that could end the reign of Jay Jacobs, the county's Democratic chairman. If Democrat Craig Johnson loses, Jacobs told me yesterday, he's toast" how about this reason to vote..."Voters could help Eliot Spitzer, the state's new Democratic governor. Or slay Spitzer's dream of building a Democratic Senate to push his agenda" and finally the NY Times reveals Race for State Senate Seat Breaks Spending Record "The price tag for the all-out battle in Tuesday’s special election to fill a State Senate seat on Long Island has surpassed $5 million, breaking the state record for a legislative race, campaign officials say." ...........word on the street is...Maureen's Campaign is in deep trouble right now......she never wanted this race in the first place..it was shoved down her throat by Mondello.....and some of these campaign "mishaps"...the latest being the Superbowl auto dial calls may be the result of some inner party revenge going on....here is the irony..if the republicans lose this special election...there will actually be some local republicans that will come out of this smelling like roses and ready to take over the party........we shall see.....tonight will answer all our questions.........andy

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