Friday, February 23, 2007

Looking to the Liquor Board

Newsday's SpinCycle

I love this juicy political gossip stuff.......maybe a bit of self promotion for Newsday to report??? hey for $90,000 a year..I am available as would work wonders for my state pension :-) to put those figures below in perspective..the nys lottery generated over $7 Billion in Sales and close to 3 Billion in revenues for education.....alot less stress over at the SLA.......andy

Democrat James Gaughran, who was Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s Long Island campaign coordinator, is angling for a $90,800-a-year post on the three-member State Liquor Authority board.
Gaughran, 50, an attorney and a former Huntington town board member and county legislator, has the backing of Suffolk Democratic chairman Richard Schaffer, an early Spitzer supporter, for the job. The board oversees liquor licenses, bars and alcohol rules statewide.
The board seat that Gaughran is seeking now held by Lawrence Gedda, 76, a Lynbrook Republican, who has been a SLA board member since 1992 and an SLA employee for 43 years. His term is up April 12. The board is now 2-1 Republican.Rick Brand
Gedda declined to comment, as did Gaughran, though he did confirm he has submitted his resume for the state post.
The SLA regulates more than 70,000 licenses and permits statewide. It generated $53 million in fees in 2005 and $6.5 million in fines and penalties, and terminated 464 licenses.

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