Sunday, February 04, 2007

Maureen's Osama whopper

New York Daily News Editorial

How desperate is the GOP to hold onto the Nassau County Senate seat that's up for grabs Tuesday? Desperate enough to drag Osama Bin Laden into a race that has nothing to do with terrorism.
In a campaign flyer featuring the scary mugs of Osama and Iranian nut job Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Maureen O'Connell makes the laughable claim that she's just the woman to defend New York from terrorists. Tel Aviv, too. She also cites "security expertise" not evident from her résumé as a nurse, lawyer, Assembly seat-warmer and county clerk.
In a photo, she stands next to ex-Nassau Sen. Michael Balboni, now Gov. Spitzer's top security adviser, beneath the official seal of the state Office of Homeland Security. A voter might assume she runs with their support. But Balboni has not endorsed anyone, and Spitzer is backing Democrat Craig Johnson. Also, Homeland Security strongly objects to this politicization of its logo, calling it "completely inappropriate" and "arguably illegal."
But why would a terrorist-fighter of O'Connell's talents want to waste her time in Albany, anyway? Surely the world would be safer with O'Connell, Maureen O'Connell, Clerk 007, working for the CIA. Or maybe Mossad.

Or maybe she could land a job as one of Pataki's Security Detail...who better to serve the "great one"?? andy

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