Friday, February 02, 2007

Mid Day Madness

Newsday's Spin Cycle announces the horses are in the home stretch Around the Final Turn... "In the waning days of Nassau's special Senate election, Craig Johnson and Maureen O'Connell are slugging each other with press releases and stories of how scary life would be in Nassau County should the other win on Tuesday.
Johnson launched
a radio ad with a cash-register sound -- ka-ching, get it? -- every time O'Connell supposedly voted to raise taxes in the Assembly. O'Connell, meanwhile, said Johnson would deny property tax cuts to families making more than $80,000.
Also, AARP held protests outside both campaign offices as it released
a survey it conducted that found older voters want the state to figure out a way to make prescription drugs cheaper. " A reader wrote in "The real issue is why is T.S. playing both sides? He's got his former deputy working for Maureen while he says he's for Johnson." Tom Suozzi wouldn't play both sides of the fence..would he???? meanwhile the Working Families Party is making one final push for Johnson WFP’s 7th District Push The Working Families Party, which is playing an ever-expanding role in state senate elections (think of the Stewart-Cousins/ Nick Spano race) has launched it’s “104 Hour Get Out The Vote Plan,'’ for 7th Senate District Democratic candidate Craig Johnson, who is facing Republican Maureen O’Connell in that tight Long Island race.
Organizer’s whose web site is
here say they’ve already knocked on 45,339 doors in the district. .....if you have ever done ...door to door canvasing...45,000+ doors is a very impressive number....Liz Benjamin gives us a few more tid bits of this and that.........Reporters/wonks have had time to read deeper into the details of Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s first executive budget, bringing stories about what’s buried within its depths.
For example, it’s
larded with pork, and, in the eyes of the business community, its $449 million loophole-closer is really a tax.
It also includes $46 million and 335 new jobs
to expand civil confinement of sex offenders after their prison sentences end.
Spitzer’s new health commissioner,
Dr. Richard Daines, is a history buff, a fan of U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton’s efforts to reform health care, a dare-devil skiier and a true believer in his new boss’ plan to shake up Medicaid.
Members of the netroots l
iveblogged from the “blograiser” held in Manhattan last night for Democratic 7th SD candidate Craig Johnson.
Also in the 7th SD special election, Republican Maureen O’Connell landed the
endorsement of The Post, which argued that a win by Johnson would pave the way for on-party rule, something that would be “not healthy for any New Yorker - of any political persuation.”
Johnson was
endorsed by the Daily News, which says he “outshines his opponent on the issues and is committed to reforming Albany.”
Johnson and O’Connell are
accusing one another of being tax raisers in new dueling radio ads.....I will be so happy when this election is over and Maureen is back in her County's Clerk position......and Azi Paybarah(The Politicker) thinks the next comptroller will be a state legislator...Qualified Legislators "Brooklyn Assemblyman Jim Brennan, like just about every other member of Sheldon Silver's majority I've spoken to, says he is inclined to vote for a state legislator for state comptroller. Brennan argues, as his colleagues have, that the experience of being an elected official should outweigh Albany-outsider status as a qualification for the comptroller position.
"The most important criteria is independence of the governor," Brennan told me. "A person who is a tested political leader in their own right is an appropriate."
What makes a legislator a "tested political leader?"
"Having broad experience in government -- local, state -- and being elected by their constituencies many times is my view of the appropriate selection," Brennan said.
If anyone knows of any Democratic Assembly members who have expressed a significantly different view on this matter, please let us know." and Azi also gives us a few little tidbits....."Jim Odato goes through Eliot Spitzer's budget and finds a lot of
Spitzer said he's
concerned about a major housing sale in Brooklyn." and finally the Times Empire Zone gives us Pataki Kinda Sorta Not Running in ‘08? He is running his presidential campaign..just like he ran the state..into the ground.........andy

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