Monday, February 26, 2007


NorthJersey.Com thinks the new Freedom Tower is Big, expensive and still mediocre .......the best quote of this article "The Twin Towers did not become beloved skyscrapers until after their destruction. And just because Pataki slapped a patriotic name on the tower or designers insisted on the symbolism of 1776 does not make the Freedom Tower dynamic or exciting. You can be bland and tall -- look at Pataki." Ouch!!!!! Newsday's Editorial gets a bit violent with Kill casino in Catskills meanwhile UticaOD.Com believes we should Get passenger rail service on track efficient rail service for upstate would encourage tourism and leaving the gas guzzling cars at home......a environmental win as well......and the AP asks the proverbial question...when is gambling not called gambling??? From MLB to VLTs? "The leading contender to run New York thoroughbred racing for the next 20 years may face a tough call when Major League Baseball decides whether the family that controls the Yankees can also run video slot machines at tracks" Does Steve Swindal, son-in-law of boss George Steinbrenner hit a home run or foul ball??? "Major League Baseball prohibits "any ownership interest" in gambling businesses, but also appears to allow interest in some "legalized gambling enterprise or permitted lottery," according to rules provided by the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.That is where New York's highest court might help.In a 2005 decision, the Court of Appeals overturned a lower court and said video slot machines technically called "video lottery terminals" are constitutional as lottery products. The state constitution bans traditional, mechanical slot machines. The high court ruled VLTs are legal because they send a portion of revenues to horse racing breeding funds and enhanced track purses" and Fred Dicker of the NY Post thinks SPITZ MEDICAID CUTS IN TROUBLE "GOV. SPITZER'S battle with the Legislature will take a dramatic new turn this week as lawmakers unveil state revenue forecasts $1 billion larger than he outlined in his budget a month ago.
"Wall Street is still going gangbusters, the money is there, and that means Spitzer is much less likely to get his Medicaid cuts," a senior legislative aide told The Post." So basically keep throwing good money away because you have it to throw away??? and Fred reports "Spitzer, meanwhile, has decided to bill former Gov. George Pataki for the controversial, $10,712 charter flight on a luxury private jet trip Pataki took in December to Virginia." Bully for Spitzer and people are starting to wonder if Joe Mondello is over the political hill "A growing number of senior Republicans claim recently selected state GOP boss Joseph Mondello isn't up to the job.
"No one is particularly happy with Mondello. It's like he and the state [GOP] committee are non-existent," said a prominent Republican official. " come on guys.....maybe totally ineffective...but they are existent...........andy

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