Thursday, February 01, 2007

Night Caps

(photo courtesy Azi Paybarah The Politicker)
Bruno Does Albany

Tonight is the”blograiser” for 7th SD candidate Craig Johnson, at which this video will be shown.........Instead of going down, as Gov. Eliot Spitzer desires, the state’s already-high contribution limits are set to increase, as they do every year according to the consumer price index.
Common Cause/NY, which provided
this chart showing the likely increases, is (unsurprisingly) not pleased..........This was supposed to happen today, but is being held off until next week because the new limits don’t apply to the Feb. 6 special election in the 7th SD. State Board of Elections spokesman Lee Daghlian said the board decided to wait to as not to “confuse everyone.” ..........It turns out that Gov. Eliot Spitzer is so sold on his first executive budget that he was willing to spend his own money on promoting it.
Those little cards Spitzer handed out yesterday that feature highlights from his $120.6 billion spending plan? He paid for them himself, according to his spokeswoman Christine Anderson.
Some 1,500 of the cards were printed at a cost of about $200, Anderson said.
Spitzer plans to hand the cards out, one by one, as he travels the state talking to people about his budget. Since he already gave out cards to the state legislators and press corps, I’d say he has somewhere between, 1,150 and 1,200 left to dispense." Thank you Liz Benjamin for all these updates.........meanwhile Azi Paybarah shares with us this gem..... ..................
"As part of their ongoing attempt to make the case against Eliot Spitzer's cutbacks in health care spending, 1199 SEIU and the Greater New York Hospitals Association released a list of reasons not to cut any money from Medicaid.
Among them was this one:
"Medicaid spending has already been controlled." who is living in Denial??? and the continued backlash against "steamroller" rage.........."Another Assembly member vents about Eliot Spitzer and the independent comptroller screening panel that recommended zero legislators for the job:
"If given the opportunity, I intend to vote for a member of the assembly member for comptroller," Bronx Assemblyman
Jeff Dinowitz just told me.
Four Assembly members and a state Senator were among the 17 candidates
seeking the job. "To exclude them simply because they're members of the legislature is absurd," Dinowitz said. "In many ways, it makes you more qualified. You have to be able to deal with political issues."
To dismiss such considerations, he said, is "garbage."
He continued: "To suggest that they're not qualified, it's discrimination. I believe very strongly these particular people, the four assembly members and one senator, are just as qualified.
"Why in the world wouldn't I vote for one of them?" ...because it hurts when you get run over by a steamroller???..............and the Times Empire Zone shows us
Why Paterson Doesn’t Teach "After Gov. Eliot Spitzer briefed the Legislature on his budget proposal, his lieutenant governor, David Paterson, gave a speech on the benefits of universal pre-kindergarten.
Here is what he said:
“The education of children from birth to age five – that’s when education is vertical. Now, you don’t really understand that until these people come to live in your house.My daughter asked nothing but questions when she was two, three – one time she asked me, ‘Why do we have air?’ I haven’t the slightest idea. But then she hit that magic age, seven – the age of understanding. I was showing her her 7 times tables. And I said you know something? Now we’ll do the 8 times tables. And she said, ‘No, the teacher said we’ll do that next week.’ That’s when education becomes horizontal.’’
“You see, when they’re two, they just learn. They learn an entire language in about a year and a half. So the fact is, this is why we need universal pre-K: So that somebody else can teach our kids.’’ okay......see...I always get confused with vertical and horizontal....a short person is "vertically" deprived??? .....and finally did you know
Dockworkers love Eliot .............andy

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