Monday, February 05, 2007

No Calm, Just Storm in Spitzer’s First Month

New York Times DANNY HAKIM

People have been wondering what Day One would bring to the song says...."We have only just begun.........." andy

ALBANY — Gov. Eliot Spitzer has certainly had an eventful first month in office.
“We’re breaking some china and we’re not whispering,” he said in an interview on Friday, referring to two things he had promised to do during the campaign.
Pledges fulfilled, as the State Legislature can attest.
Governor Spitzer has feuded with Assembly Democrats over how to fill the vacant state comptroller job. He has feuded with Senate
Republicans over his heavy involvement in a special election tomorrow to fill a Senate seat in Nassau County. He referred to himself as a “steamroller” in a heated conversation with the minority leader of the Assembly, James N. Tedisco, adding an expletive for emphasis, according to an account in The New York Post that neither man has disputed.
“I think every dynamic between an executive and a legislature has many threads that run through it,” the governor said, reflecting on his brief but busy time in office. “The art is not permitting any one issue to preclude having good relations in other areas.”
“I look back over the last month and we got an agreement on a process to pick a comptroller” — though it is not clear the Legislature will stick to that agreement — “an agreement on budget reform, an agreement on ethics, so we’ve done a great deal,” he said.
“The last thing you want is a sense of calm and a sense that things are drifting along,” he said, adding that he prefers “a few gale-force winds.” for the rest...
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