Tuesday, February 13, 2007

NY Post is such a waste of time

When news is slow...leave it to the Post..to make up stories and instigate trouble..they are known for it..they revel in it......take this weekend's DiNapoli "pop" quiz and subsequent post article DINAPOLI 'FAILS' TO IMPRESS STAFF ............you can go into any state agency and find malcontents eager to bash any administrative change or head of departments...I have worked in state service for over 25 years..who did the post interview??? the guys that sharpen the pencils there or deliver the mail??? come on Post..give us some names...watch these guys dive under their desks if their names were revealed..this is the lowest kind of reporting possible...trash journalism comes to mind...KENNETH LOVETT should be ashamed of himself...what kind of crap reporting and character assasination is this??? does he need his job this badly??? Take a good look in the mirror Ken....this way you can see what an asshole looks like..........andy

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