Saturday, February 03, 2007

Odds N Ends

(photo courtesy Azi Paybarah The Politicker)

Azi's weekend events of note..........Saturday 2 p.m. Long Island state Senators discuss the impact of Spitzer's proposed budget on Long Island property taxpayers (62 Fairfield Ave., Mineola).
Volunteers for Democrat Craig Johnson are
car-pooling from Astoria and Bayside.....Sunday 11 a.m. Nassau Young Republicans campaign for Maureen O'Connell.....Monday 7:15 a.m Spitzer campaigns with Craig Johnson at the LIRR station in Great Neck
1:00 p.m. Spitzer and education advocates make an announcement in the Blue Room at the state Capitol...........and Azi posts Here's a statement from the state's Homeland Security Office on
that Maureen O'Connell flier I posted earlier:
"It is completely inappropriate for a political candidate to use a falsified state seal in the context of a political campaign. Politicizing state security issues is inappropriate and trivializes the law enforcement efforts of New York's office of Homeland Security. We direct the campaign and candidate to the following passage from New York's penal law that identifies such actions as arguably illegal."..........and finally how about this guessing game........Here's Ethan Geto, from a story in
The New York Blade :
"There's a real possibility that the Democrats will take back a majority in the state Senate this year," said Ethan Geto, a Democratic strategist and president of Geto and de Milly. "There are two Republican state Senators who have been rumored to be talking to the Democratic Senate leadership and are prepared to jump the aisle." andy

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